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file20200117_StreathamHill_CrowdfundingSupport.pdf2020-02-07 22:50552 KB
fileAll three levels P1000213 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2018-11-18 23:599010 KB
fileAuditorium & Stage Right Boxes P1000193 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 15:479118 KB
fileAuditorium from North side P1000199 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 15:479068 KB
fileAuditorium Stage Left P1000169 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 15:489641 KB
fileBeautiful Decay by Hedy Parry-Davis.jpg2020-01-16 13:27563 KB
fileBest of British magazine August 2023 - Jim McManus.pdf2023-07-27 12:314159 KB
fileDress Circle & Gallery P1000177 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 15:487020 KB
fileDress circle & gallery P1000215 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 15:488746 KB
fileDress Circle and Boxes P1000196 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 15:488475 KB
fileDress Circle P1000195 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 15:488652 KB
fileETI June 2020.jpg2020-06-09 15:016143 KB
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fileFoSHT 90 Catherine Russell 3 (Photo Paul H Lunnon).jpg2019-11-22 00:102140 KB
fileFoSHT 90 Cut the Cake (Photo Paul H Lunnon).jpg2019-11-22 00:123916 KB
fileFoSHT 90 Setting the Scene (Photo FoSHT).jpg2019-11-22 13:421676 KB
fileFoSHT 90 Simon Callow (Photo Jeremy Clyne).jpg2019-11-22 13:36300 KB
fileFoSHT 90 Simon Callow 1 (Photo Paul H Lunnon).jpg2019-11-22 00:103421 KB
fileFoSHT 90 Simon Callow and Catherine Russell (Photo Jeremy Clyne).jpg2019-11-22 13:36293 KB
fileFoSHT 90 The Cake (Photo Paul H Lunnon).jpg2019-11-22 00:123331 KB
fileFoSHT 90 video.html2019-11-25 17:400 KB
fileFoSHT Capacity Building Grant from Theatres Trust 20 May 2020.pdf2020-05-20 14:29181 KB
fileFOSHT Chairman's Remarks - Sleeping Beauty at 90 - November 2019.pdf2019-11-21 21:4392 KB
fileFoSHT Crowdfund video.html2020-01-31 13:270 KB
fileFOSHT Flashmob 25Nov18 corner 4819.JPG2018-12-14 20:467856 KB
fileFOSHT Flashmob 25Nov18.jpg2018-12-14 20:465429 KB
fileFoSHT Major leap forward in plans to save Streatham Hill Theatre as work begins on viability study.pdf2020-09-11 16:0277 KB
fileFOSHT Press Release - Final push for crowdfunding campaign - May 2020.pdf2020-05-01 13:23167 KB
fileFoSHT Press Release - Flash Mob on 25 Nov 2018.pdf2018-11-18 23:52238 KB
fileFOSHT Press Release - Mayor of London supports campaign - March 2020.pdf2020-03-10 20:20130 KB
fileFOSHT Press Release - Post-Flashmob Update December 2018.pdf2018-12-14 20:48258 KB
fileFOSHT Press Release - Reawakening the sleeping beauty - November 2019.pdf2019-11-24 17:24119 KB
fileFOSHT Press Release - Sleeping Beauty at 90 - November 2019.pdf2019-11-20 10:32108 KB
fileFoSHT Press Release - Statement of Historical Significance - 28 January 2021.pdf2021-01-28 15:44125 KB
fileFOSHT Press Release - Streatham community coming together to back arts and cultural hub - Feb 2020.pdf2020-02-10 18:30134 KB
fileFoSHT Press Release - Streatham Hill Theatre added to SAVE Britain's Heritage Buildings At Risk Register.pdf2022-06-27 22:37436 KB
fileFoSHT Press Release - Streatham Hill Theatre added to the national Heritage At Risk Register.pdf2021-11-03 16:17340 KB
fileFoSHT Press Release - Viability Report about regenerating Streatham Hill Theatre.pdf2021-04-20 01:56289 KB
fileFoSHT Press Release - Ward Boundary Proposals - 07 April 2021.pdf2021-04-07 13:21123 KB
fileFoSHT Streatham Stands Together Mayor 007.jpg2020-02-10 18:302188 KB
fileFoSHT Streatham Stands Together VIPs 004.jpg2020-02-10 18:302103 KB
fileFoSHT We Love Streatham 002A.jpg2020-02-10 18:303102 KB
fileFoyer & Ceiling P1000160 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 16:017624 KB
fileFoyer & Stairs P1000164 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 16:019607 KB
fileFoyer from first floor landing P1000229 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 16:019394 KB
fileFoyer Kiosk P1000165 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 16:018852 KB
fileFoyer looking down P1000231 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 16:018633 KB
fileFoyer P1000158 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 16:017571 KB
fileFT Bingo CCE06022018.jpg2020-07-02 13:43611 KB
fileHeart Streatham - March 2020.pdf2020-03-03 22:53895 KB
fileLambeth Council Q&A re SHT 22 Jan 2020.mp32020-01-24 14:591522 KB
fileLambeth Council Q&A re SHT Jan 2020.pdf2020-01-21 13:2364 KB
fileLambeth Funding pledge for Streatham Hill Theatre revival campaign.pdf2020-05-14 11:45458 KB
fileMessage of Support from ABTT.pdf2020-01-21 17:3597 KB
fileMessage of Support from Baroness Floella Benjamin DBE.pdf2020-03-17 18:08131 KB
fileMessage of Support from Cllr. Rezina Chowdhury.pdf2020-01-24 15:0061 KB
fileMessage of Support from Fortune and Friends.pdf2020-06-09 13:09157 KB
fileMessage of Support from InStreatham.pdf2020-04-20 19:0693 KB
fileMessage of Support from Lolita Chakrabarti.pdf2020-02-17 20:21134 KB
fileMessage of Support from Lucie Shorthouse.pdf2020-02-17 20:31253 KB
fileMessage of Support from Mark Rylance.pdf2020-05-05 15:41129 KB
fileMessage of Support from Streatham Choral.pdf2020-03-11 19:5778 KB
fileMessage of Support from Streatham Festival.pdf2020-05-06 19:3681 KB
fileMessage of Support from Streatham Society.pdf2020-03-20 16:57427 KB
fileMessage of Support from Streatham Theatre Company.pdf2020-02-17 22:16202 KB
filePraesepe Beacon Bingo Streatham Closing Press Release.pdf2018-03-14 16:18194 KB
fileRiverside Radio Arts Watch 24 Mar 2020.mp32020-03-24 20:0510528 KB
fileRiverside Radio Interview 14 Feb 2020.mp32020-02-14 20:0810348 KB
fileSHT Article for LOVE Lambeth (Council) - Extract.pdf2018-07-21 00:02546 KB
fileSHT Creative Vision Statement_August 2020.pdf2020-08-28 13:093350 KB
fileSHT in Heart Streatham - Streatham Hill's Sleeping Beauty.pdf2018-07-21 00:153280 KB
fileSHT Release 2017-12-15.pdf2018-03-29 16:09592 KB
fileSHT Release 2018-02-26.pdf2018-03-29 16:14589 KB
fileSHT Sleeping Beauty.jpg2020-01-24 15:2084 KB
fileSHT Statement of Heritage Significance (Web).jpg2021-03-04 16:44228 KB
fileSHT Statement of Heritage Significance (Web).pdf2021-03-14 15:394169 KB
fileSHT Statement of Historical Significance_Rev C (Web).pdf2021-02-25 14:5451 KB
fileSHT Update Jan 2019.pdf2019-01-18 15:38131 KB
fileSHT_Streetview Sketch.jpg2020-09-16 14:27836 KB
fileSHT_Vision_Front Elevation_Full Res.jpg2020-09-16 14:2716019 KB
fileSHT_Vision_Persp Section_A0_Full Size Poster.jpg2020-09-16 14:2751895 KB
fileSHT_Vision_Persp Section_A3_150dpi.jpg2020-09-16 14:272707 KB
fileSLP - 11 March 2020.pdf2020-03-11 20:08214 KB
fileSLP - Letter 23 November 2018.jpg2020-01-16 13:031932 KB
fileSLP - South London campaigners celebrate Streatham Hill Theatre being protected from developers.pdf2018-08-16 20:04493 KB
fileStar trap P1000252 (Photo Tim Hatcher).jpg2019-01-18 16:058046 KB
fileStreatham Hill Lighting Control - by Matt Haskins.pdf2020-07-17 17:334646 KB
fileStreatham Hill Theatre - Memory by Mecca Manager.pdf2020-02-04 15:15101 KB
fileStreatham Hill Theatre - Statement of Heritage Risk.pdf2024-03-22 18:17369 KB
fileStreatham Hill Theatre - Timeline.pdf2023-12-18 17:23359 KB
fileStreatham Hill Theatre Viability Study Summary - Digital.jpg2023-08-02 17:54303 KB
fileStreatham Hill Theatre Viability Study Summary - Digital.pdf2021-04-20 01:451906 KB
fileStreatham Hill's Sleeping Beauty.pdf2018-03-14 16:11441 KB
fileStreatham-Hill-Playhouse-Norwood-News-Friday-31-August-1928.pdf2020-09-07 11:52614 KB
fileStreatham-Hill-ward-maps.jpg2021-04-05 15:5775 KB
fileSW Londoner - Streatham Hill Theatre could provide ray of hope for arts and community after COVID - May 2020.pdf2020-05-02 16:10656 KB
fileSW Londoner 28 Feb 2020 Page 5.jpg2020-03-01 15:30155 KB
fileSWL - Streatham Hill Theatre campaign boosted by high-profile support.pdf2020-11-26 13:20242 KB
fileTheatres Trust - Capacity_Building_press_release_Year2_May 2020.pdf2020-05-20 13:51261 KB
fileTheatres Trust Streatham Hill Crowdfunding Support.pdf2020-01-21 13:55552 KB
fileTheatresTrust_PressRelease_2022 Theatres at Risk Register.pdf2022-02-02 13:391367 KB
fileVoice Mag - Sleeping Beauties - British theatres have been left to rot.pdf2021-01-06 18:45627 KB
fileWandsworth Times - Community campaign to save Streatham Hill Theatre hits target early May 2020.pdf2020-05-17 12:22274 KB
fileWandsworth Times - Streatham Hill Theatre gets cash boost after community campaign.pdf2020-03-12 14:42199 KB